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Seattle Sports Manifesto

We do a lot of things. But who is the Seattle Sports Commission? Well just for you we've poured over our past, present, and future, our goals, our accomplishments, and finally we boiled it down to this. Our Manifesto. We can promise that this is who we are day in and day out and we will be doing everything for you.

WE BELIEVE IN SPORTS. Sports can bring the world to Seattle, and bring our region together. A strong sports culture can strengthen local business, local kids, and local pride. 

WE BELIEVE IN A WORLD-CLASS SPORTS COMMUNITY. We will be known for world-class events, business opportunities, and a community that welcomes and celebrates sports. From pros to amateurs, arenas to the outdoors, as only Seattle can.

AND WE'RE MAKING IT HAPPEN. Sports. Events. Opportunity. Community. We're the team behind the teams, the advocates behind the athletes. We are business leaders, community activists, friends, and neighbors. And we're working together because we believe in sports.

About the SSC

The Seattle Sports Commission (SSC) is a non-profit agency whose mission is to play a critical role in generating the power of sports to drive economic development, influence the quality of life and shape the future of the region.

The SSC serves as an advocate to local amateur, collegiate, and professional sports organizations because we understand the cultural importance of sports in our community.

The SSC also supports the Powered By You fitness movement and the SUBWAY® Washington Games in an effort to curb the rising incidence of youth obesity in our state.

The Seattle Sports Commission, be a part of it.

Support the SSC by shopping on Amazon.com. A portion of your purchases goes back to the SSC to help fund and support our mission of making Seattle the best sports city in the country.